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I’ve been a very big fan of Karen Armstrong for many years. She is perhaps the world’s foremost expert on the three theistic faiths – Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

In 2008, she won the TED Prize and was granted a wish. She wished the world would come together to write a ‘Charter of Compassion – a document that would venture to find common ground in ‘all’ spiritual and religious practices; the thing we all refer to as ‘the Golden Rule’.

With the help of TED, religious and spiritual leaders came together from every imaginable practice to create this new document. The unveiling of the Charter was held on November 12th, 2009. It is a document filled with hope and possibility. It has potential to change how we all think about religious and spiritual practices, but nothing will happen if we don’t read it and create dialogue around it.

As part of the festivities, communities around the world hosted events and activities to help spread the Charter’s message. There are hundreds of very active online global communities who have the potential to help spread the word. One such group is called “Letterheads” – a non-association of commercial signmakers and artists who exist to teach and learn from each other, and grow in their craft. An invitation was extended for Letterheads to participate in a project called, “Inspirational Word Art”. The objective was to render a word that would express compassion. The images shown on this blog are the results of that invitation.

It is with tremendous gratitude that I express my thanks to the individual artists who aspired to create and submit a piece of their art. They are all beautiful and indeed inspirational. Let’s keep sharing words of compassion with each other.

You comments and continued contributions are welcome.


p.s. An new song is being written and recorded to go with the youtube video release of this gallery. Stay tuned!

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Hope - Sunset Regall

Created by: Sunset Regall, Sunset Designs, Chico, CA

Vertrauen_Trust (German) - Manfried Ditier & Marcus

Created by: Manfried Ditier & Marcus, Timbersigns, Germany

OM - William Pickett

Created by: William Pickett, Richmond, VA

Give - Terry Whynott

Created by: Terry Whynott, Walkerton, ON, Canada

PrintCreated by: Carol Chapel, Corvallis, OR

Embrace - Ken Henry

Created by: Ken Henry, Henry & Henry Signs, London, ON, Canada


Created by: Noella Cotnam, Sign It Signs, Williamstown, ON, Canada

Bridge - Peggy FranksCreated by: Peggy Franks, Lilburn, GA

Listen - Nancy Beaudette

Created by: Nancy Beaudette, Sign It Signs, Williamstown, ON, Canada